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Board Member

Position: Member of Board of Directors

Aquatic Ally is accepting applications from individuals who are interested in serving as a
member of the Board of Directors. 

Term: One (1) year term in accordance with the Aquatic Ally bylaws.

Aquatic Ally is committed to good governance in a non-political environment.


The successful candidates will have demonstrated expertise in at least one of the following competencies:

a. Financial skills including the knowledge of best lending practices and the ability to understand business plans and financial projections.

b. An individual with board member, volunteer, or grant writing experience.

c. An individual with fish keeping experience.

d. An individual with fundraising experience.

e. An individual with experience writing laws.


a. Applicants must be residents of the United States of America.

b. Applicants shall have a strong Understanding of Aquatic Ally's values and mission.

c. An individual is not eligible if they have been convicted of an indictable offense

that would result in them being unable to be bonded.


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